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  • American owned
  • Operating from Yokohama, Japan
  • Track record of supporting regional bases
  • Large catalog of professional, industrial, and desktop 3D printers

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Design and Engineering Service


On-Demand Parts Manufacturing


AM Hardware Integration Consulting


Case Studies - Our Projects for Federal


Design and Engineering Service

3DPC design/engineering solution team putting best efforts to increase performance, fastdevelopment and low cost. 3DPC vertically integrated Additive manufacturing environment enables to find optimized solution for various applications, taking into account production and materials.

Design and Engineering Services Case Study:Protective Pads for Helmets
Our service is complete from design to prototyping in just 13 days.

Functional Optimization and Other Engineering Services

a picture of zonal lattice

Weight Reduction

the image of zonal lattice

Part function and lattice design

the image that is describing lightweighting

Topology optimization

the image of meta material


a picture of digital texturing

Digital texturing

2d data to 3d data conversion

2D to 3D data conversion

CAE Simulation Software

CAE capability is so critical to validate performance. 3DPC design service includes CAE to evaluate its performance and reduce iterations.

heat exchange

Heat Exchange

 a picture of stressing


a picture that explains modulus of elasticity


a picture that explains fluid



On-Demand Parts Manufacturing

3DPC experts have created an on-demand parts production system that is fast and cost effective. We are at the forefront of the supply chain revolution.

a sample picture of our software
a picture of digital scan


Quality control procedures include in-process monitoring and postprocess digital scanning.

Over 30 different materials: rigid plastics, elastomers, and metals.

a picture of materials

Parts specific quality control system enables consistent quality regardless of the quantity.

a sample picture that explains the quality control system

3DPC experts are available to assist in selecting the best material and printing method to meet functional requirements.

a picture of sample materials

Over 30 different materials: rigid plastics, elastomers, and metals.

a picture of samples

Examples of materials

a picture of plastic samples

Plastic 3D Printing

  • ABS
  • Carbon Fiber
  • PA(Nylon)
  • PP
  • PPS
  • RUbber
a picture of metal samples

Metal 3D Printing

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless316L/308L
  • Carbon Steel
  • Copper
  • Titanium64
  • Inconel
  • Scalmalloy®
a picture of post processing


  • Plastic vapor smoothing
  • Metal machining
  • Polishing
  • Metal plating

Hardware Integration Consulting

Local in-person solutions for design, 3D printers, training, installation, fabrication technologies in both English and Japanese.  In-house and network of local suppliers with complementary capabilities.


Case Studies - Our Projects for Federal

Case Study 1: K-wedge

  • Problem: Damage to tracking rails on C-17 aircraft due to cargo loading impact.
  • Our Solution: Sourcing of local manufacturing for sheet metal fabrication and assembly. Fabrication of 3D printed parts using ULTEM. Assembly of 3D printed parts, COTS, and sheet metal.
  • Results: Form, fit function testing revealed changes to 3D printed part designs. This is a typical example because once the parts are put together, there are new observations that are not readily assessed using only CAD.

Case Study 2: Marines Combat Logistics Battalion, Okinawa

  • Problem: Need capability while on ship to repair items while underway.
  • Our Solution: Marines trained in design thinking and operation of composite 3D printers.
  • Results: Marines hosted five workshops, which led to over 20 projects. Of these 20 projects, four  were directly applied to Navy and Marine Corps equipment.

AM Projects

A tower for storing radio equipment to prevent damage during rough seas.

Heat resistant (1000F) exhaust rain cap for backhoe.

Cable management system adapted to fit with the current rail system of LW Kevlar helmets. The solution prior was zip ties or tape.

Printed replacement plugs. Typically produced using a mill, but the mill was non-operational. Part takes up to 7 months to procure.

Clips. No replacement parts available. Clip was reverse engineered then fabricated using kevlar / carbon fiber reinforced materials.

Cap to prevent water intrusion. Non-corrosive and watertight.

Case Study 3: Chaff and Flare Canister Load Cradle

  • Problem: The canister is difficult to load. Countermeasures are typically stored in munitions trailers, but Yokota doesn’t have any. So, they have been storing and transporting the countermeasures using empty 20mm ammunition cans, which are padded with pieces of foam, cardboard or another nonconductive material, ensuring the countermeasures do not touch each other during transport.
  • Our Solution: 3DPC brought the design from concept to end-use product. Considerations such as the required loads, material (non-conductive / non-capacitive), and manufacturing options. We worked closely with Yokota YokowerX team to ensure all functional requirements were met. We produced the end use part and turned over all specifications and designs to YokowerX.


  • 423803 Industrial Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesaler
  • 423490 Other Professional Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
  • 532490 Other Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing
  • 541330 Engineering Services
  • 541990 All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • 424610 Plastics Materials and Basic Forms and Shapes Merchant Wholesalers


  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • ISO 14001: 2015

Past Performance

  • Installation and Training for 3D Printers at:
    US Navy Base - Ship Repair Facility Yokosuka, Japan
    Marines MEF III
    Army Torii Station - Maintenance Division

Design and Print Services

  • US Navy - SRF


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